What is a natural deterrent for bats?

Bats do not attack humans or cause any other harm. However, you would never want to find them around your home. That’s because they can reside in the walls or attics and their droppings can lead you towards lots of mess. This is where you need to start taking a look at the best natural deterrents that are available for dealing with bats. Following are some of the most popular natural deterrents available to stay away from bats. You can take a look at them and get the best natural repellent as per your requirements accordingly.

Moth balls

Moth balls are called naphthalene balls as well. It is a proven method available for any person who wishes to overcome the frustration caused by bats. Moth balls will not just assist you to chase away frustrating bats from the property. You can also make sure that bats will not enter into your property again. You can easily purchase moth balls from any of the pest control stores that are available in your neighborhood. Upon purchasing, you should attach them to a piece of clothing and hang them around the house. You should also make sure that you are hanging the moth balls in a place where there is good ventilation. Then you will be able to enhance the efficiency that you can receive out of them.

Apply sealants

You can go ahead and apply sealants to repel bats from coming to the house as well. Before you apply sealants, you need to take a look at the areas around the house where bats reside. Then you will be able to carefully observe the entry timing as well as exit timing. Based on the information you gather, you can apply sealants. In fact, you should be applying the sealant when the bats have gone out of your house.


Phenol can also act as a great solution for the people who wish to keep bats away from the property. Phenol gives out an annoying smell for the bats. If bats get the Phenol smell coming out of your property, they will not come in. That’s because Phenol can make your home look unpleasant for the bats. It can deliver an irritating experience to all the bats as well. When you are buying Phenol to repel bats, you will notice that numerous varieties of Phenol are available in the market for you to purchase. Out of those different varieties of Phenol, white Phenol is the most effective. It can deliver amazing results to you with taking full control over bats. In order to apply Phenol around the house with ease, you can think about getting the help of a spraying bottle. Then you will be able to spray Phenol in the places where bats reside. You should spray an enough amount of Phenol, so that the bats will leave your house. This method can deliver quick results to you as well.

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